I wake up every morning and my first thought is “I need to lose weight.” The second thought is often “I need to write today.” The first requires discipline and work and not eating the food I like. The second requires discipline and work and I can still eat the food I like. I’ve decided to work on my second thought.

I remember when I was 25 years old sitting with my brother-in-law at a Christmas get together. I told him I would have a finished novel written by the time I turned 27. With hard work, a good story, and some small amount of talent I could do it, I was sure. I may have been correct, but I am almost 54 now and I have never finished a novel (writing a novel, that is. I’ve finished reading a few). Since that bold prediction I have raised two sons, become a special-education teacher, a therapist for children with autism, and now a truck driver. The man with whom I shared that prediction is no longer my brother-in-law. A lot has changed, but one thing has remained constant. I never wrote a novel.

My very good friend writes a blog. The subject is horror short fiction, primarily 19th and early 20th century. Ghosts and specters. Haunted houses and antiquated language. As you can imagine from the description it has a limited audience. Yet, often he tells me about his next article, the number of people who have visited the site, what post earns the most views, or a visitor’s response to a blog. He has built relationships with people, made friends, been invited to guest on podcasts, been made a regular contributor of a print magazine. Most importantly though? It keeps him writing. It fuels him, and I’ve always been jealous.

So I’m taking the plunge. Blogging. I enjoy many things. A good movie. A good book. A good board game. I love stories. So that’s what I’ll write about. There may be lists (I like lists). Maybe reviews (I’ll have to learn how to write reviews). Whatever else I think of.

No bold predictions. I hope I post regularly. I hope I build an audience of some kind. I hope I watch and read and play with a new focus. Mostly, I hope it gets me to write more.

Chris Pelletier, Sunday July 26 20C0vid

Me. Pensive. On a throne.

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your posts! Can I request a list of the top fantasy movies from 1980 that included a giant, a one-handed crossbowman, a Blind sorceress, a dwarf, an elvin archer named crow and an actor who later appeared in the TV show LOST?


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